MonRoTM is a versatile self-service terminal engineered to answer to the toughest requirements of the banking industry. This dynamic system offers full ATM Banking, currency exchange, as well as multiple types of vending and storage/retrieval services.

The old ATM “duplex” model is obsolete, inefficient and expensive. MonRo is a unique, cutting-edge work of art, which, due to its design characteristics and longer lifecycle, offers a more robust and cost-effective solution:

  • Component independence – MonRoTM is designed for standard, non-vendor specific components (storage shelves, currency counters, counterfeit detectors, etc.
  • Expandable functionality – it’s easy to reconfigure, modernize, change and add new components
  • Elegance and practicality – the appealing design boasts plenty of advertising space; the unit is built for effective management and serviceability of modules
  • Multitasking and speed – designed to service multiple clients simultaneously, modular architecture is tailored to maximize efficiency and convenience
  • Quick assembly and installation – modular architecture allows for quick on-site assembly
  • High reliability and resilience – integration of backup components and industry-standard automation solutions assures resilience and reliability

MonRoTM’s modular architecture is a turnkey solution to the long-standing problem of branch transformation. In conjunction with a staffed booth, or as a stand-alone terminal, MonRoTM offers an entirely new branch format, which combines all services in one place: ATM, standard banking and teller services, safety deposit box, vending machine, insurance office, post office – the list goes on.