First in the world
Robotic recounting sector
Count cash. Different.
Robotic complex MonRo CashStream allows to optimize the processing of banknotes, contributing to higher processing speed and lower maintenance costs. No fleet of equipment updating - the laid-down principle of cross-platform allows to work effectively with the counting-sorting technique of leading manufacturers.
The worldwide annual growth of banknotes in circulation is
according to Central Banks of different countries
Working with cash does not always mean mental labour. For example, cash processing is dull and dusty work. It is a routine comparable with processes on any other factory, where employees do three basic tasks:
Robots and money
Banks are forced to pay for customer loyalty and risk minimization.
Cash Processing Centers as any other manufacture must constantly increase their efficiency.
The cost of banknote processing for the current labour organization is at its limit.
Robots help to increase Cash Processing Centre efficiency without hiring more staff and expanding production areas.
1. Cost reduction of banknote and coin processing
2. Processing speed increase
3. Ability to process large volumes in smaller spaces
4. Release of previously occupied production areas
5. Lower risks
6. Labour cost reduction

How robots increase efficiency?
Manual processing
Capacity utilization is around 50-60%
Overage employee processes around 100-120 packs/shift
Robot processing
The load of a recounting sector increases to 70-80%
Allows to process up to 350 packs/shift
8 operators, 8 banknote sorters (per shift)
2-3 operators, 8 banknote sorters (per shift)
Organization of recounting sector
* conveyor organization is optional for different types of Cash Centers
Watch MonRo CashStream work in a field in real Cash Processing Center
Project background
Summer 2016
A pilot in the Cash Center of leading Russian bank - Sberbank. CashStreams works with Toshiba machines.
see how it was
November 2016
CashStream with GLORY machines first introduced to the market on PLUS-Forum in Moscow.
December 2016
First commissioning in the Sberbank in Moscow
June 2017
On the III International Conference Current issues of cash circulation development Sberbank states its intention to implement robotic complexes to 100 Cash Centers across the country within 3 years
October 2017
CashStream with Laurel machines introduced on annual PLUS-Forum in Moscow.
December 2017
10 CashStream complexes work in Sberbank Cash Centers in 6 cities of Russia
Basic Principles
CashStream is a unique solution for those who count huge volumes of cash, no matter in which field
No rest
industrial robots operate 24/7 for 8-13 years
failure of individual elements does not affect other processes, critical elements might be duplicated
organic interaction and integration with static and dynamic external subsystems
Smart investment
investment preservation even through future changes in business processes
The complex is based on universal software platform which allows to customize a solution for each particular case and environment
Key elements

1. Banknote sorter - the system is integrated with customer's equipment

2. Industrial robotic manipulator (also available in configuration with collaborative robot)

3. Banding system

4. Patented tray feeding system with 4 Q-tray or 4 R-tray capacity

5. Autonomous robotic platform for transportation of output or an individual storage system

Patented 4-section Q-tray for banknote, Q-tokens, or header card stowage
Patented 5-section R-tray for automated stowage of unvalidated banknotes, Q-tokens and header cards
Stuff duties on Robotic recounting sector
Implementing robots to your business-processes brings new stuff tasks improving average employees qualification due to human factor minimization
A cashier opens cash-in-transit bags, loads the banknotes into the tray, scans the Q-token or header card
An operator loads trays into MonRo CS, and takes away full trays. Optional - robotic shuttles logistic
Banded stacks are moved into individual storage systems / unbanded stacks are sent to other sectors using transportation cassettes and optionally robotic shuttles
Branding and color scheme of the complex
The complex is equipped with color indicators to simplify the work of personnel and can be customized according to your needs
Standard configurations for MonRo CS with major brands
No need to update the equipment fleet!
CashStream can be integrated with equipment of any other producer within 3 months
CashStream in new configuration is coming soon!
We are working really hard designing new solutions.
Be the first to know about its release!