Jobs are for people, Work is for robots

we bring robotization to its new level
Jobs are for people, Work is for robots
we bring robotization to its new level
Why robots
Quantum Systems is constantly searching for non-traditional areas where the use of intelligent automated systems can significantly improve quality and productivity, as well as reduce business costs. For us, it is very important to provide our customer with an opportunity to create a solution relevant not only today, but also easily adaptable for an unpredictable tomorrow. That is why our developments focus on your business's increased efficiency in the realities of Industry 4.0, while our technologies are already changing the way we organize many business processes.

Since founding in 2010, Quantum Systems has been developing own designed self-service devices for the Russian market. Since then we have picked a new promising direction - robotics. In our quest to stay at the edge, we seek new promising areas for the application of the great potential of our experienced team.
Already today robots can perform almost all the heavy and monotonous, menial jobs. In the near future, humans will be able to engage exclusively in creative activity, and also devote more time to their relatives and friends.
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Our amazing Projects
Go Robots!
Robotic Cash Center
A concept of end-to-end robotization
MonRo Explorer
POS-terminals software tester
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Robots increase productivity and competitiveness. Increased productivity can lead to increased demand, creating new job opportunities. Robots complement and augment labour: The future will be robots and humans working together.
We are proud to be a part of this transformation!
Robotization is here
3 reasons to start it today
Increase employees' qualification
Get rid of dull, dirty and routine jobs. Human are born creative! In the technology era we are free to improve skills and mind, not calluses.
Productive work
Robots can perform accurate and high quality work. They are precise and don't make mistakes. As long as they have power, they can work continuosly without any pauses or breaks.
Get lean
They save time as they can produce more products and reduce the amount of wasted material. Robots in production lines will save you money as they have quick ROI.
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