Disinfecting robot for public spaces
Disinfecting robot on the guard of your health
Gardy Metrobot decontaminates all the surfaces with potential accumulation of viruses and bacteria with the highest precision. The robot and will take care of your safety in public spaces so that you can still enjoy your way of life regardless of the epidemiological situation
A unique patented Gardy technology now in a new application - space and surface disinfection
for effective control of the
infection spreading
UV-C light for direct surface decontamination
Air treatment using a built-in air recirculator
Space treatment using special disinfectant solution
Mobile robot (the platform) + collaborative robot (the arm)
A germicidal lamp installed on a robotic arm on a mobile platform moves along the surface and is guaranteed to treat all areas. A smart mobile robot will build a route to the specified target and bypass all obstacles at a safe distance. The complex may be used in crowded places and disinfect objects directly in the presence of people.
  • Processes 100% of the surfaces given
  • Works in a presence and next to the people (in UV-C light and recirculation modes)
  • Creates a map of the place and identifies itself where disinfection is required
  • Has changeable tools for maximum efficiency in any space
  • Human-frirndly - the mobile robot will rebuild the route regarding the obstacles, and the collaborative robotic arm will stop at the first touch of the person
Gardy Metrobot applications
Complete room and surfaces disinfection in the absence of people
Where to use
Selective spot disinfection with UV-C light lamp in the presence of people

processing of specified objects / work upon a request
Operating modes
chairs, countertops, screens, door handles, call buttons, switches, etc.
disinfection of the entire space + air disinfection
Waiting rooms
Medical centers
Monitoring and detection of people with fever.
Integration with security and monitoring systems, alert when a threat is detected.

Linear control. Detection of changes in the examined/processed object by comparing the image from the robot's camera with the reference image. The robot records and transmits the observed deviations - forgotten things, the result of vandalism, external damage.
Additional functionality
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